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Life in color inspirational quotes

Life in color inspirational quotes

It is evident that God is an artist, otherwise why so many colors. A Beautiful Mind. Life in color inspirational quotes

Whoever refuses the color, he dissolves in the cold. For he loses his soul, which means that immortality is possible. Who will voluntarily give his color to another without remnant? What could be worse than death after death? (Turgor)
And I also know that when your true color tears you from the inside, you can wrap yourself in ten layers of white or black, nothing will help. It’s like trying to plug a waterfall with a handkerchief. (Mariam Petrosyan, the house in which …)
Color can soothe and excite, create harmony and cause shock. It can wait for miracles, but it can cause catastrophe. Jacques Vienot

In the dark, all the colors are the same. Francis Bacon

Only I can judge color, “the colorblind man said,” because I’m impartial.” Wieslaw Brudzinski

Colors give rise to the shape of an object. Paul Cezanne

If you mix all the colors of this world, then you get … the color of true darkness. (Knights of the Zodiac: The Lost Canvas)

I do not want to hurt anyone. I want to be hurt. I enjoy it. I want to see all the worlds. Orange – smiles, pink – cold, blue – tears, purple – fog, red – anger. Even the color of pain. I want to see them all with my own eyes. I want to be hurt really. (Black Rock Shooter)

Color is just a name. To tell them that the grass is green means to prepare them for the fact that it is certainly the way you see it, and no other. But their grass can be no worse than yours, maybe, it’s much better … Jerome David Salinger. Teddy

… and it seemed that a long time ago she had lost her way and wandered for a long time in the rain. And the rain washed away all the colors from her: blue eyes, pink lips, red hair – everything poured out. (Ray Bradbury, All Summer in One Day)

Life in color inspirational quotes

Autumn colors

– What color do girls have? What color do the boys have? And if they meet, what color will their relationship be?
My life is like a paint in which there is no color. (Klaus Joel, the Messenger)

People like traffic lights. Some go, fenced off from all the red fire: “Do not touch me!”. Others – open, the soul is wide open: green. Still others are wary. Who knows what they will meet? Yellow. (Lidia Obukhova, The Splinter)

Everyone chooses his color in life. Someone is sunny-yellow, some are cloudy-gray, and some are depressingly black. Each of us is responsible for our choice, and each of us lives in his own color-light. Elchin Safarli. I’ll be back

Color is your life, your blood, your weapons, your protection, your curse and your own gift. The Void (Turgor)

I hardly remember what it means to see. The main thing that I remember is my mother, what she looked like. And I also remember the colors. Ray Charles

Life in color inspirational quotes

Confessa, author’s natural perfume. Photo of Alchemy Gothic. Yekaterinburg, Russia

Color expresses subjectivity, deceptiveness, anti-realism and independence (autonomy) of its symbolism, which can not be studied. As a representative of sensuality, pleasure and sinfulness, color is the complete opposite of form – its rationality and spatial linearity. Riley

I wonder why there is a color of the hip of a nymph and a frog in a swoon, but there is no color of the book page? After all, this is a special color with many shades: a book page by the window, a book page near the candle, an old book page … The novel has one tone, and the tale has another one. Nadeya Yasminska

You know, I always thought what color the sky and the sea are. I thought that if I understand what the color is like spreading to the horizon, then I will not be so faded compared to other people. Four colors of August

How great it would be if everything stayed as simple and clear as it was when I was twelve or twenty years old. If only there were only two colors in the world: black and white … Sergey Lukyanenko. The night Watch

Phil Collins

And I’ll see your true colors,
Shining through.
I see your true colors,
And that’s why I love you,
So don’t be afraid to let them show

Your true colors,
True colors are beautiful,
Like a rainbow.
Source of images: livemaster.ru

Life in color inspirational quotes

Intelligent. Abstract painting. Master Anna, Moscow (artist soul.livemaster)

Life in color inspirational quotes