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Goat – Surefooted Mountain Climber

Goat - Surefooted Mountain Climber

Goat – Surefooted Mountain Climber

Goats are horned mammals closely related to sheep. People raise goats for their milk, hair, and meat. In many countries, people make butter, cheese and even ice cream from goat’s milk. In Spain, goats are the main source of milk.
A domestic goat usually weighs about 45 to 54 kilograms. Both male and female goats may have horns. Most males also grow beards.
Goats eat grass and shrubs.
Wild goats are animals of the mountains. Most wild goats live in herds of 5 to 20 animals. There are several types of wild goats – the ibex, the markhor, the tahr, and the goral.

The ibex is a sturdy wild goat living in the mountains of Europe, Asia, and northeastern Africa. The male has a beard and large horns that are curved backward and are shaped like half circles.
The markhor is a large goat of southern and central Asia. Now only small numbers are found. Its horns are long and wound like a corkscrew.
The tahr is usually found on steep wooded mountainsides. Their horns are short, flat, and backward-curving.
The goral is found from the Himalayas to eastern Siberia. Its horns also curve backward.
Some wild goats can climb trees and can perch on very narrow ledges.
People cut the long hair of Angora goats to use as a fiber called mohair. Goatskins are used to make gloves, shoes, and other leather items.
Goats have been kept by people for about 9,000 years.
Goats are great mountain climbers. Moroccan goats are able to climb the argan trees to enjoy its fruits. The fruits are not only delicious, but they are practically the only food for Moroccan goats. So, if you want to live – you’ll climb a tree.
The seventh year in the eastern twelve-year cycle is devoted to the goat.
The goat’s head in alchemy is a symbol of sulfur.
The word “tragedy” as a genre means “a goat song” in ancient Greek. The concept of “tragedy” is associated with the singing of satyrs (in Greek mythology, goat-legged creatures), whose images were used in the religious rites of ancient Greece in honor of the god Dionysus.
In the game Goat Simulator, the main character is the goat.
There are many monuments to goats.
Goats are mentioned in the Bible 200 times.
The goat was a symbol of fertility, vital energy.

Goat – Surefooted Mountain Climber

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