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Eyes – Mirror of Soul

Eyes - Mirror Of Soul

Eyes – Mirror Of Soul

We use our eyes to see. When we see an object, we actually see light reflecting off that object. This light enters the eye, which changes the light into electrical signals, that travel through the optic nerve to the brain. The brain interprets signals as an image, or picture, of the object. The eyelid protects the eye. By blinking, eyelids move tears across the eye to keep them moist. Eyelashes also protect the eyes from dust and other particles.
The light rays enter the curved front of the eye called the cornea, where they are partly focused. They pass through the pupil, which enlarges in dim conditions to let in more light and shrinks in bright conditions to protect the inside of the eye from too much light.

The rays are then focused on to the retina by the lens. Inside the eye is the retina, which contains about 120 million rod cells and seven million cone cells. The image on the retina is upside down, but the brain turns it the right way up.
Vertebrates each have two eyes similar to human eyes. But there are differences, which depend on the animal’s habitat and behavior. Many animals have two eyes that look in different directions. This makes it harder for enemies to catch them.
Invertebrates have various other kinds of eyes. Some mollusks and spiders have simple eyes called ocelli. Insects have compound eyes, which are made up of many lenslike parts.
A golden eagle has extremely powerful eyesight. It can see rabbits and other prey from a distance of more than 1 km.
The color of the eyes reflects your personality and can tell a lot about the temper and internal energy.
In symbolism, the eye is always associated with light and the “spiritual ability to contemplate”. In many cultures, the Sun is considered an all-seeing eye, or it is personified in the form of an eye, as, for example, the young god of the Sun of Egypt Horus. A stylized image of his eye served as an amulet of great power.
In Christian iconography, the eye, surrounded by the rays of the Sun or located in a triangle with a vertex directed upwards, is a well-known symbol of the divine omnipresence or trinity.

Interesting facts
♦ Brown eyes are actually blue under the brown pigment. There is even a laser procedure that allows you to turn brown eyes into blue forever.
♦ The pupils of the eyes expand by 45% when we look at the one we love.
♦ The cornea of the eye is the only part of the human body that is not supplied with oxygen through the circulatory system. The corneal cells receive oxygen dissolved in tears directly from the air.
♦ The corneas of human and shark are similar in structure. Surgeons use the cornea of the shark in operations as a substitute.
♦ You cannot sneeze with your eyes open. During sneezing, we close them reflexively.
♦ Our eyes can discern about 500 shades of gray.
♦ There are people whose eye color is different. This phenomenon is called heterochromia. There are very few such unique people – only 1% of the population are registered. A similar phenomenon occurs due to mutations at the gene level (lack of a color pigment – melanin).
♦ In Ancient Egypt, both women and men used make-up. Eye paint was made from copper (green paint) and lead (black paint). The ancient Egyptians believed that the makeup had medicinal properties. Makeup was used, first of all, for protection from sun rays.
♦ Bee eyes have hairs. They help determine the direction of the wind and the speed of flight.
♦ About 65-85% of white cats with blue eyes are deaf.

Eye color reveals hidden

According to Brazilian lyricist and novelist Paulo Coelho, Eye color reveals hidden. He stated: “The eyes are the mirror to the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden”. Besides, the genius of humanity Leonardo Da Vinci stated that the eyes are the windows to the mind, and expressed this idea in his portrait of Mona Lisa. Meanwhile, we always want to know more about a person just by looking at him/her, especially if our counterparts are in no hurry to talk about himself. We pay attention to some details that can characterize him – what clothes he wears, how he speaks, and what gestures he makes. Really, many believe that the color of the iris can also tell a lot about the personality, as the eye color and character have some connection between them.

From the scientific point of view, psychologists have described many aspects of human behavior based on the reaction of the eye. For example, if a person doesn’t look straight into your eyes answering your question, he almost certainly is telling you a lie.

How we describe someone’s anger? We say, “Sparks flashed in her eyes!” Or “Her eyes darkened with anger.” We can say that the eyes reflect emotions. There is one more reason to say that the eyes are a reflection of a human soul. Eye color reflects our personality. How does it work? Number and type of color pigment in the iris, in fact, determine eye color. There are three basic color categories: brown, blue, and green eyes. The most common (due to their dominant character) are brown eyes, then the eyes of all shades of blue and green are rarer shades.

There are other variants of eye color, which occur due to the various combinations of color pigments in the iris. In addition to the three eye colors, there are people with black eyes (as a rule, Africans and Asians), brown (yellow-brown), gray and green eyes (Europeans and their descendants on other continents).

Over the years, the eye colors have been associated with personal traits of their bearers. Possible link between eye color and personality of human have prompted scientists and researchers after some observations and conclusions. For example, it is clear that dark-eyed people are much more emotional, and because of their temperament are more prone to neurotic behavior than light-eyed people.

According to the research carried out over thirty years ago, there’s a link between eye color and athletic abilities. Brown-eyed people make great progress in sports, where the dominant role plays the tempo, and blue-eyed succeed in “slow” sports – such as chess or golf. This is due to the fact that the dark-eyed people reflect much more quickly than people with light eyes.

Experts pointed out that the light-eyed people are better developed in “thinking strategies”; that is why they make progress in the activities requiring planning and structuring time. A study of American scientists led them to the hypothesis that there is a direct connection between the light eye color and academic success. For example, Marie Curie, who was twice awarded the Nobel Prize, had eyes of blue color.

Held in 1998 by American psychologists study allowed them to draw conclusions about the existence of a link between the ability to obey prohibitions and eye color of infants and preschool children. It turned out that the blue-eyed male children are more cautious than brown-eyed boys. In girls, the difference was not noticed.

The most recent studies show that the gene PAX6 plays an important role in the relationship between pigmentation of the iris, and personality type. This gene, involved in both – the development of the eye and the frontal lobe of the brain, or rather that part of it, which, as experts believe, affects the personality traits such as empathy and self-control. Can this case explain the link between eye color and character? Experts believe that such link exists.

The discovery of a possible link between the color of the iris and the personal characteristics show new possible ways to explore this issue. It would be interesting for all of us.

Blue eyes

Blue is commonly called the most beautiful color of eyes and their owners usually seem very attractive. And blue-eyed women should be especially happy by the fact that the color of their eyes is often associated with youth. Blue-eyed people are prone to the longest romantic relationship. They are quite peaceful, kind and smart. They are highly spiritual people, and one of the most important needs of their life is to make all people happy. People with blue eyes have a tendency to be assertive, but at the same time they are easy-going and cheerful. Blue-eyed are mostly sentimental. They are always calm, but sometimes may have a strong sense of anger, after which often become depressed. But such dramatic changes in their mood are not frequent.

Black eyes

Black is a rare color of eyes, and black-eyed people are often perceived by others as very reliable and responsible people. They do not like to talk to someone about themselves and their life, so somebody may think they are secretive. However, they are extremely passionate, vibrant and sensual people. They do not leave their friends, when they need their help.

People with black eyes are optimists. They will not rest until they demonstrate their abilities. These people know how to prove their worth to others. At the same time, black-eyed are stubborn and persistent. Difficulties and crises make them particularly irritable. They are more impulsive and energetic than others. If they are the leaders, they can be ruthless to their employees even in the smallest mistakes. These people have developed intuition and can make decisions quickly, even in the most difficult situations.

Green eyes

People with green eyes are thought to combine the best qualities. They are stable and at the same time endowed with imagination. Very determined, but always soberly assess their capabilities. These people may find a solution in any situation and are able to keep everything under control. They are considered to be very strict, but fair. These are good listeners and interlocutors.

Green eyes often seem to be filled with something mysterious and associated with witchcraft. Green-eyed people are curious and smart by nature. They have passionate nature. They have an incredible zest for life and aspire to an eventful existence. They also have a significant drawback – jealousy is often noted as a negative feature of their personality.

People with green eyes have very bright personality and creative nature. They are compassionate to others. Usually they have a long relationship, which they are able to build only in love. Most often green-eyed people have extraordinary external beauty.

People with yellow eyes, more like a snake’s, are rare, that’s why they are considered unique, interesting people. They are loving, may cheer and soothe others. They love all people and are deprived of the habit to criticize anything or anybody. The most important thing in life for owners of yellow eyes – the security and success of the family, so do not touch their loved ones.

It’s been observed by many that gray-eyed people are usually wise and less aggressive than others. They are known for their sensitivity and flexible approach to different people and situations. Externally, they are usually good-looking and gentle because of the beautiful color of eyes. Typically, gray-eyed girls are very serious about building relationships, preferring long-term partnership based on deep love.

These individuals possess analytical thinking and always think clearly and rationally. People who have gray eyes, usually represent a deep inner strength that will never depend on any external pressure. They know how to handle themselves in accordance with their surrounding environment. This is a strong personality, but in some situations that do not require intellectual activity, they can get confused and feel helpless.

Eyes – Mirror of Soul

Character and eye color

Did you know that there are no two people with exactly the same eye color? It’s amazing, but true! Did you know that all blue-eyed people have the same common ancestor? In all blue-eyed were found a very specific similarity in the DNA, which also indicates their general relationship.

Many of us know that the majority of children at birth have turbid blue eyes, and then they get a different color, which then becomes a permanent color. The reason for this is that in the eyes of a newborn there is almost no melanin, although the situation is changing very rapidly. Do you know that eye color may change over time? Since the pigment is not produced continuously on the same level, your eyes may become darker or lighter.

Yes, our eyes can tell so much about us, that it would be worth to think twice before to wear colored contact lenses. Whatever may be the color of your eyes – black, hazel, gray, blue or green – you can be proud of it, knowing that your color can tell a lot of good things about you and your family tree!
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Eyes – Mirror of Soul

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