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Choosing wedding color palette

Choosing wedding color palette

Blonde beauty – pink lover. Choosing wedding color palette

One of the first decisions in preparing for a wedding is the choice of its color. All the details of the wedding decor should harmoniously blend, creating a general holiday atmosphere. Meanwhile, there are several basic rules for choosing a color solution. First, when choosing the color of a wedding, it is worth taking into account the time of the year. There are colors that are associated with each of them or perfectly fit into the landscape. Bright pink and orange in the wedding palette, for example, are more suitable for organizing a winter wedding. Indeed, these colors look very harmonious against the background of gray skies and white snow. But in the spring you should pay attention to the pastel colors. Nature wakes up, and tenderness is in the air.
However, the main is a competent accent setting, because overdone with shades is very easy. Then the whole ceremony will look, at least, strangely and excessively colorfully. In addition, the color of the wedding depends on its theme. In particular, the wedding in the Asian style involves the use of red, green, brown or gold. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine a bridal luxurious oriental tale without bright, rich flowers and a large tent. But a refined wedding in the style of Tiffany – it’s blue, turquoise and mint in a combination of black or chocolate.

If you want something gentle, but not trivial, refined, but not fanciful, stylish and different from the generally accepted standards, think about decorating a wedding in a gray-pink color. This surprisingly gentle, romantic and elegant combination will create an atmosphere of lightness and serenity.

Traditionally, gray color is a symbol of simplicity, reliability and stable life. Also, the combination of light gray with gently pink takes on a special sound, and hence special meanings. In addition, gray is the color of English gentlemen and high society, the basic color of the refined Japanese painting, the color of tranquility, confidence and elegance. Coupled with the pink – the color of romance, dreams and hope, you get an ephemeral and serene combination, perhaps the same as the hard-to-know sense of true love.

Choosing wedding color palette

Delicate gray

If you choose coral as the color of your wedding, then make sure that the textiles in the room are neutral white or aiour color.
Choosing wedding color palette

Coral wedding

Wedding in pistachio color is a real holiday, which you can arrange for yourself. Bright and at the same time refreshing pistachio color fills the soul with joy and light, instantly cheering up. The energy and lightness of this color simply cannot remain unnoticed.

Mint color looks good in all details of the wedding, from the bride’s dress and ending with a festive cake and other treats.

Choosing wedding color palette

mint color

A maritime wedding involves the presence of all shades of blue.

A bright wedding in the style of gangsters, a casino is necessarily a black and red combination in the palette.

And if you can not give preference to any one color, then your option is a mischievous and bright wedding in the style of the rainbow! Then you can use in the decor of the wedding all your favorite colors.

Wedding in Tiffany’s color is the color of the sea water, the color of the morning sky and delicate forget-me-nots. The wedding in such a color solution will be gentle and airy. Besides, it perfectly matches white and the color of dark chocolate. It is interesting to see the contrast of blue and red. The image of the bride can complement the details of a gentle blue color – shoes, a ribbon on a dress, a handbag, a silk flower in her hair. The bouquet can be made of white flowers and decorated with a ribbon of tiffany color and large blue pearls.

Choosing wedding color palette

Tiffany color stylish wedding. Choosing wedding color palette

Emerald color wedding: magic and luxury. A bright sparkling green shade harmoniously combines luxury and natural harmony, because it is the color of the most exquisite precious stone in the whole world. And, of course, with grass, foliage in trees and the like, with truly natural colors.
Choosing wedding color palette

Emerald wedding

Orange-olive wedding – an unusual combination, will give individuality to your event. Orange is a warm, and bright juicy color. Combines the fire energy of red and the cheerfulness of yellow. The traditional color of peace, olive is the color of balance and stability, freedom and fertility.
Choosing wedding color palette

Olive-orange wedding

Wedding in black and white – is very original and unique, elegant and stylish. Few would dare to wear a white wedding dress, not pretentious, and tie with a black silk ribbon. And not every groom will wear black shoes, a white tuxedo and a black shirt. Should still prevail white, and black – it’s additional details. The bride’s bouquet should consist of white roses, and in addition to the style, you can add rare black orchids.
Choosing wedding color palette

Black and white

The wedding in purple is from dark purple, which is ideal for a solemn wedding in a mansion, to a light purple that blends beautifully with living vegetation. Suitable for decorating a wedding in the fresh air. Noteworthy, violet is a complex color. Select color intensity depending on the season. Light colors of violet are better for spring-summer weddings, and dark colors – for autumn and winter celebrations. Good partners for purple color – green, pale pink, gold, yellow and silver.

Bordeaux color – saturated, classical, deep. Beautiful dark red shades give a special nobility to the wedding ceremony. Its rich warm shade, dense and deep refers, of course, to the “autumn” color scheme. Perfect for wedding in autumn or winter. A symbol of the success of the family, its prosperity, Bordeaux symbolizes wealth. Luxurious deep burgundy shades will certainly add sophistication and luxury to the decorating palette of your wedding. Incredibly rich picture is a combination of bordeaux with gold, with ivory, green and yellow colors.

Choosing wedding color palette

Bordeaux color

Lilac is the true color of love and affection. In it there is a certain note of nostalgia and at the same time mystery. Therefore, choosing this color as the main one at your wedding, you create a special fairy-tale atmosphere. You meet violet in flowers, so for a bridal bouquet and floral design choose lavender, violet, hyacinths and, of course, lilacs.

Green Eco Wedding. More and more people tend to care for nature, so “green” weddings are now in vogue. According to American experts, you can reduce the wedding budget by 40%, using the ideas of eco-friendly style. The traditional color palette of eco-weddings is green, beige and brown.

Choosing wedding color palette

Green Eco Wedding

The wedding in red is perfect for passionate newlyweds who are not afraid of patheticism and gladly show it in their life, nature and their relationships. In addition, red considers the recognized color of a deep sense of love. This color is good because it can be in all the details of the wedding in part, or completely immersed in the atmosphere of red magic.
Choosing wedding color palette

Red wedding

A smooth transition from one tone to another, or the penetration of one color into another, is OMBRE (the French word means shaded). “Ombre” – the perfect solution, in that case you can make the wedding color palette delicate. The effect of the ombre, consisting in the gradual flow of one color or tone to another, has been beating records of popularity in the fashion industry for about five years now. The game in color transitions is also popular with designers of dresses, decorators of banquet halls, confectioners, and florists.
Choosing wedding color palette

Ombre of pink

Wedding in red and green. The combination of red and green – the most New Year, the most winter, the most festive! You can wear a red wedding dress – just in the winter. Undoubtedly, you will just look gorgeous against the background of the snow. Do not forget about the groom – his image should also include elements of red and green colors.
Choosing wedding color palette

Combonation of red and green

Deep blue is a rich color that symbolizes devotion, peace and tranquility. However, blue is a very active color, so combine it best with pastel tones, for example, beige, pink, coral, sand, and white. For the decoration of the wedding celebration, use berries, such as blueberries. From the flowers you can add cornflowers.
Choosing wedding color palette

Deep blue

Chartreuse is the color of youth, fresh greenery and yellow daffodils, wheat ears and morning grass, yellow dandelions and a green plantain. This color fills the image of a woman with freshness, makes her noticeable and insanely attractive. Suitable for creating a unique image for ladies with blond, ashy hair and brown-haired women. Bright Chartreuse wins in combination with brown, beige, green and dark blue colors or as an independent dominant of the style.
Choosing wedding color palette

Chartreuse is the color of youth

Your favorite color can become the basis for the palette of the whole wedding. And yet, remember that gentle colors create a romantic atmosphere, and bright, saturated colors look very emotional and festive.
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Choosing wedding color palette