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Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Colorful door in Bali, Indonesia. Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

What color is the best for the front door? First of all, a good color is a color that combines and resonates with the design and color of the house, as well as its surroundings. But such a thing as “the best color” does not exist at all! However, some books and feng shui teachings say that the favorable color for the entrance door is red. In fact, this concept stems from the Chinese tradition.
In ancient China, there were very strict rules regarding homes: people could build houses with various rooms, but the color of the door needed to be made of a certain color. In fact, the color of doors should be in accordance with the position of a person in society and the position held in the government. In particular, most people were forbidden to have red doors. Red color denoted the status of the nobility. Therefore, the red door, perceived as wealthy and noble, meant that behind this door lived rich people.
However, this is a cultural value, not a universal one. Accordingly, if something is not universally true, it is not feng shui.

The energy of life-force circulating in the universe brings wealth and prosperity to every person living on earth. It is through the door to the house that positive qi energy passes. Ironically, the color of the front door also has a direct impact on the life of the owners of the house. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, brown color can bring harmony to the family, while reddish shades add stability.

In addition, the choice of color of the entrance door depends on the side of the light. Thus, metallic shades are better for entrance doors facing west, while white with a golden or silver hue – north-west. Besides, if the front door of your house is exactly in these directions, try not to use blue, red and black colors.

Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Beautiful variety of colors. Montmartre, Paris

For entrance doors of the northern direction – use white, blue or black color, but avoid brown and green.

Best option for doors of the north-east and south-west direction – brown with its shades. And an additional color you can use red or orange. Try to avoid the green and white colors for painting doors in these directions.

The best colors for a door that has an east or south-east direction will be green, blue or black, but not white.

Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Bright Buddha Lounge on Grand Avenue in Chicago, Illinois

For the door of the south direction – recommended red or green. However, do not use black and blue. Additional colors can be yellow and brown.
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Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Brown and blue door in Barcelona, Spain

Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui

Brown doors in Paris

Entrance Door Color According to Feng Shui