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Aging – natural process

Aging - natural process

Aging – natural process

All living things, from their first moment of existence, begin the process of aging, or growing older. The onset of aging happens at different times for different people. Most people start to feel some effects of aging in their 40s or 50s. As people age, their hair often thins and turns gray, and their skin wrinkles. The muscles begin to shrink and the bones become more fragile.
Scientists believe that cells of the body might have a built-in time limit. Heredity and lifestyle affect how long people live.
Animals age at different rates and live for different lengths of time.

Brooke Megan Greenberg was a “girl who does not age”. She was born on January 8, 1993, Baltimore. The girl suffered from unknown and rare disease, which disorganized and slowed the development of organs and systems. At the age of 4, Brooke fell into a 14-day sleep. Doctors said that she had a brain tumor and she would live another 48 hours. The tumor later regressed without treatment. Brooke died on October 24, 2013 at the age of 20, but she looked like a 5-year-old baby.
One of the most mysterious phenomena of the human body is its unexpected rejuvenation or, in scientific terms, age regression. Every year in the world there are dozens of cases when people suddenly lose their gray hair and wrinkles, improve their health, and sometimes even grow new teeth. A person who is far beyond 60, looks and feels young, and not only does not grow old, but every day becomes ever younger.
At the end of the 20th century, 91-year-old Beijing resident became the hero of the newspaper pages. After three weeks of illness, he suddenly became cheerful and completely healthy. The old man began to grow new teeth, and gray hair became black!
In 2007, the Italian press reported that 97-year-old Rose Faroni, who had six grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren, suddenly began to look 70 years younger than her age!
Japanese gerontologists have found that the processes occurring in the body of a suddenly rejuvenated person are natural. Moreover – they managed to find a gene that caused rejuvenation. It turned out that the same gene leads to oncological diseases, but in this case it destroys not healthy, but sick and aging cells.
Gray hair is not a sign of old age. Gray hair is a sign of aging hair. The first gray hairs appear usually about 35 years, sometimes earlier, and in rare cases even in very young age (20-25 years). The process of the appearance of gray hair is influenced by the way of life: neuroses, stresses contribute to the early graying of the hair. The age of appearance of gray hair is also determined genetically.

Aging – natural process

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