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Yellow color life and decay

Yellow color life and decay

Autumn leaf. Yellow color – life and decay

Symbol of yellow – the sun, the source of heat, light and life on Earth. This color fills the human with energy. Yellow – the color of gold, which since ancient times perceived as a stark sunlight. It is the color of autumn, the color of ripe ears and decaying leaves. Yellow is the color of light, heat, it causes positive emotions associated with joy and gladness. Scientists have confirmed the fact that the yellow color enhances brain activity and improves memory.

Truly toning color, it gives life, energy and resilience in a joyful walk. Cheerful and carefree, yellow – a ray of sunshine that in gloomy morning in late winter suddenly breaks through the clouds.

The use of color.
The yellow color is recommended when working with children.
Yellow improves performance, use it for study.
It is the color of communication that helps friendship, brings to life the warmth and sunlight, awakens the senses and radiates optimism and good humor.

“I have always felt it significant, incidentally, that the enchanting autumnal forest in Robert Frost’s poem, ‘The Road Not Taken,’ be autumnal, making the line, ‘Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,’ a prefigurement of a time when the speaker, though now young, will see how, when he gets older, choosing one road over another crucially matters.” Theroux, The Primary Colors, 1994

It can be used abundantly in home interior. Its positive effect on the psyche will support you in a good mood.
Color is suitable for sports, outdoor activities, to attract attention, to establish contact (if you want to be remembered).

Yellow color life and decay

Amazing still life

Yellow is widely used in advertising, as a man remembers it for a long time.
Do not use this color in large quantities during business negotiations, in the case if you do not want to attract attention.

History and tradition.
In ancient times, people perceived that color as the frozen sun.
In Greek mythology, the color belonged to Aphrodite, Athena and Apollo.

But in Asia, yellow symbolizes grief, mourning and death. By the way, in Tibet jealousy is called “yellow eye”.
In Brazil, the yellow color is perceived as a sign of despair and disease.

In China, yellow symbolizes the splendor and is a symbol the empire. For majority of the Russian people yellow is associated with separation and change.

Positive: happiness, joy, optimism, radiance, warmth, creativity, warmth, intelligence, the sun.
Negative: selfishness, jealousy, fickleness, frivolity, instability.

Yellow color life and decay


Color therapy.
Deficiency of this color reduces immunity and depression. The lack of yellow color “suggests” a person to believe that he has lost the meaning of life. However, the abundance of colors leads to exhaustion.

There are data that suggest that the products of yellow flowers have a positive impact on the human body: lemon, apple, banana, pineapple, melon treat nervosa and depression, improve mood, warms the body.

It is interesting.
Yellow – the color of journalism, insight and communication. Its “hobby” – to convey to people the news. In this regard, the gossip is painted in yellow.

Fashion & Style.
What can be said about people who like to wear yellow? They are very interesting people: energetic, adventurous, active. Such people tend to find inner harmony. The combination of yellow with all shades of blue, black and green is very good in terms of color contrast.

Yellow color life and decay

Bright flower

Yellow color life and decay

Bright still life

Yellow color life and decay


Yellow color life and decay