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Sugar – Sweet joy

Sugar - Sweet joy

Sugar – Sweet joy

Sugar is the most widely used sweetener in the world. Most people use sucrose, which is found in almost all plants. Sugarcane and sugar beets are the best producers of sucrose. Sugarcane is a giant, thick grass. Major producers of sugarcane are Brazil, India, and China. Sugar is stored in sugar beet’s white root. France and Germany are leading producers of sugar beets. Sugar is made from its juice, which is boiled until it starts to thicken and sugar crystals begin to form.
Too much sugar can cause people to gain weight. It also can lead to tooth decay. Today some people use saccharin and aspartame instead of sugar.

The sugarcane plant is a giant grass that grows year-round in warm and wet regions of the world. The island of New Guinea is probably the original home of sugarcane. Today Asia is the largest producer of sugarcane, followed by South and North America. The color of the stalk varies from almost white to yellow to deep green, purple, red, or violet. Sugar is removed from the cane by two methods. In the first method, the finely cut stalks are put in hot water. This separates the sugar from the stalks. In the second method, the juice is squeezed from the stalks by pressing them between heavy rollers.

Interesting facts
– When Alexander of Macedon reached the Indian territory about 2000 years ago, he was surprised by the process of obtaining honey without using bees (artificial honey from sugar);
– In 1747 the German chemist Andreas Marggraf discovered that sugar in sugar beet was identical to that in sugar cane. This discovery opened the way for the production of sugar in the northern regions – the first sugar factory began its work in 1802;
– They learned how to make fuel for cars from sugar, and what is most interesting is the release of batteries in which sugar will play the role of electrolyte.
– Sugar is a part of many medicines.
– There is no fat in sugar, therefore, it does not affect the gaining weight.
– Sugar has bactericidal properties and removes stains from things.

Sugar – Sweet joy

Sugar jewelry

Maria Semenova from Omsk makes jewelry from … sugar. The idea of creating sweet bracelets and earrings came to the girl during the winter holidays. Her father is an amateur artist who made figurines and paintings of clay. Having found various jewelry in the Internet, the girl decided to make them herself. The first things were made of clay – the material was given by the father. There are more than 1000 pieces in her unique collection. Masha makes brooches, earrings, bracelets, beads. Most girls order jewelry and guys prefer pendants in the form of animals and crosses. The master admits that every buyer definitely wants to have something unusual and exclusive. Masha uses special dyes to make her jewelry colorful. Most often, the theme is sweets – ice cream, candies, cakes. The master is sure that happy tickets will surely bring their owners a great luck.