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Strawberry – Luscious Dessert Fruit

Strawberry - Luscious Dessert Fruit

Strawberry – Luscious Dessert Fruit

Strawberries are red, heart-shaped fruits. They are eaten fresh and are also used as a filling for pastries, pies, and cakes. Strawberries are a very popular dessert fruit.
Strawberry plants are grown in Americas, Canada, a number of European countries, parts of Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. It is a low herb plant. The flowers are mostly white and sometimes reddish. At the top of the plant is the crown, which sends out trailing vines that spread over the ground.
Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, iron, and other minerals.
Botanists do not consider strawberries to be true berries. Strawberries are actually groups of small fruits that form from a single flower.

Strawberry is considered a natural aphrodisiac. Zinc, contained in the seeds of strawberries, increases attraction in men and women. That is why the tradition of preparing a sweet strawberry soup with cream for the newlyweds before the first wedding night is still alive in France.
Despite the fact that strawberry is sweet, it almost does not contain sugar. That’s why Hollywood beauties often are on a strawberry diet and claim that in this way you can lose 2.5 kg in 4 days.
Because of the low sugar content, strawberries are recommended even for people with diabetes!
Another plus of the strawberry diet is the B vitamins, so it is considered a natural antidepressant. People who are prone to stress and emotional overload should eat 150 grams of strawberries every day – this will help to calm down and strengthen the nervous system.
Strawberry face mask does have unique properties. The berries contain copper, which stimulates the process of collagen production. And strawberry juice is a real fighter with pigment spots on the skin, it also narrows the pores and heals acne.
Strawberry juice whitens teeth even more effectively than expensive toothpastes. In addition, the strawberry neutralizes the bad breath.
Strawberries are the only berry with seeds outside.
In Belgium there is a whole museum dedicated to this berry.
In the Middle Ages strawberries were considered a symbol of peace and prosperity, so it was served only at important feasts for the nobles and overseas guests.

Strawberry – Luscious Dessert Fruit

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