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Rose color meaning

Rose color meaning

White roses. Rose color meaning

Today, among the diversity of means to express feelings, roses reserve centuries unbeaten leadership. After all, Rose – Queen of flowers, acquires a symbolic meaning and like nothing else can convey a thousand words! The versatility of these lovely and never boring flowers has no limit. Color of rose buds is able to express much. Red and pink rosebuds emphasize admiration for beauty and youth, and white rose petals like a hint at the emergence of youth and the impossibility of love and affection. If you want to confess your love for the first time, the best option for you would be a bunch of pale green roses. If the gift is a bouquet of a rose and two open buds, this means a secret and puzzle. Color and shape of the buds of roses is not the only way to convey thoughts and feelings. Also, for example, green leaves of roses symbolize hope and optimism.

White Rose – have always been a symbol of purity and innocence. Presenting a gift of white rosebuds, the giver wants to say: “You are heavenly and pure,” “I admire your heavenly and pristine beauty, you are as perfect as the white rose.” Most often, white roses are presented in honor of sincere love, as clean as a pristine white veil of the first snow. White roses are just the opposite of red, which is presented to show passion and mad hot feeling.

White Rose is a symbol of eternal love, a clean, strong and sturdy than all earthly feelings, including love. That’s why a bunch of white roses is given on the wedding.

Rose color meaning

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Red roses – have always been and will be a permanent symbol of love. Receiving a gift bouquet of roses of any color, you should realize that the giver thus expresses in varying degrees of love, affection and appreciation toward you. However, red rosebud is the most popular. This was the reason for the fair name of a red rose as the queen.

Many people know that it is the red rose buds, exuding a wonderful fragrance, demonstrate deep love and impossibility to exist separately from the beloved half. Symbol of red rose – a burning desire and passion of raging desire. In addition, red roses at all times gave a sign of respect and admiration for a person who are these flowers for.

Rose color meaning


United in one bouquet red and white roses symbolize love and harmonious unity, both soul and body pleasure of two lovers. And if you choose rose petals which will surround the red border, the meaning of this bouquet will carry the same. In any case, the combination of white and red roses in a bouquet symbolizes the loyalty and unanimity, as if confessing to the addressee – “You and I – one.”

Burgundy Rose (maroon, brownish-crimson), as well as scarlet color, signify passionate feeling of love, passion and frenzied admiration. Bouquet of dark red roses as if trying to confess its recipient, “You are so beautiful, you do not realize it.”

If more detail to consider symbolic value of dark red roses, one can say that these flowers express the charm of the owner of the bouquet and love at first sight. Burgundy Rose also has different shades of color, and the different options for symbolic value. Burgundy petals with purple or lavender hues talk about the charm, grandeur and magnetism, however, do not mean a strong and lasting feeling. It is noteworthy, that this very color rosebuds is considered the traditional gift, and the most popular way to express feelings on Valentine’s Day.

Pink roses – are a symbol of elegance and refinement. The pink color differs in the richest range of colors, the combination of which is used to produce complex, promising and often eloquent messages. You can express gratitude, having presented a gift of rose-pink or bright cherry color. At the same time, you can express the feeling of sympathy, presenting delicate pink flowers roses unopened.

Pink noble colors of rosebuds express gratitude and pride, sympathy and sweet thoughts, emotions and tender admiration. Pink roses often symbolize a new beginning of the relationship, a hint of the feeling that, perhaps in the near future, love will flare up and hit the two lovers in the heart.

Rose color meaning


Yellow roses bouquet means that your partner cares about you. At all times, Yellow means active and freedom-loving start. Therefore, a bouquet of yellow roses – a frequent guest of various celebrations as an expression of congratulations to the hero of celebration.

Yellow roses – a way to emphasize the pride of the achievements, and to celebrate the event. About conciliatory features of yellow roses few know. Seeing yellow bouquet of fresh and wonderfully smelling roses in the hands of the halves, with whom you have recently had a falling out, means only one thing: “Let’s leave it all behind and start a new page in our relations.”

Rose color meaning


Somehow, people consider yellow roses as a sign of separation. However, this value does not correspond to a real symbol of yellow roses. Quite the contrary, yellow roses – the symbol of friendship and recognition, admiration, and respect. When the yellow roses give a long-living married people, they mean regularity and sweetness of family relationships, but in some situations, these flowers can symbolize infidelity.

Orange roses – in the language of flowers express best wishes, warm feelings and enthusiasm. If you are possessed with the heady feeling of love, orange roses help tell about it to your sweetheart. Orange roses can convey not only the charm, but also the pride of the object of your feelings.

Rose color meaning


Peach Roses – a manifestation of modesty. They are often presented in honor of the successful completion of the cases. With peach roses can be expressed warm feelings, the feelings of joy and gratitude at the meeting. These natural colors are the best ornament of a celebratory table covered for any occasion.

Green Roses, which not so long ago became the guests of florists, mean abundance and generosity. It’s an unusual green rosebud that is a symbol of fertility.
These flowers will be appreciated by a prosperous and successful person. As psychologists say, the green is balance and stability. To show your love with the help of green roses is impossible, but they are able to talk about jealousy.

Black Roses, as happened in the story, is the emblem of sorrow and a symbol of death. But not only the experience of grief is able to express these majestic flowers. They often symbolize new beginnings, trips, or any new cases.

To give a bouquet of black roses means to express the admiration for the strength and the rebellious spirit of the person to whom they are addressed, but it is extremely wrong to express affection through these aesthetic colors.

Rose color meaning


Blue (dark blue) Rose – a symbol of mystery. Such an unusual pink color of petals acquired via breeding and artificial breeding varieties. They are not ordinary and mysterious, so blue roses are given to people the same mysterious and inaccessible. However, the blue color of rosebuds has different shades. For example, shades of purple petals can express the charm, delight and first love.

Tea roses are the traditional symbol of separation. Their symbolic, “I will never forget you” reminds the donor and the recipient of the warm and memorable moments of the meeting.

And finally, Roses of any color – from brown to bright pink, without much subtext, can be a gift from a friend, because they are a symbol of friendship.

Rose color meaning

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Rose color meaning

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