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Purple color meaning

Life in color – London. Purple color meaning

Life in color – London. Purple color meaning

First of all, lovers of purple are intelligent people, and not because they spend much time reading. Not at all, as they are smart by nature, and their subtle mind usually causes discomfort to the people around them, considering them uneducated people of inferior quality. Therefore, purple lovers try to communicate with their soulmates, or with people of the same circle. In addition, these people are interested in abnormal which pulls them to all mysterious and inexplicable, and they try to explain the strange phenomenon. Besides, these people are not afraid of the dangers, and they are attracted to high speed. However, bad side of purple lovers – they have extremely poor health. And we can say that all the strength they have left in the intellect.

Here violet color represents false piety, and blue-gray represents superstition. According to color theory, Violet is interchangeable with purple. Because both are made from red mixed with blue. In common usage, however, the term “violet” calls to mind a somewhat paler, softer hue, without purple’s connection with authority and power. Violet has a slightly different connotation, one of sadness, fragility, and vulnerability. And “shrinking violet” is a shy, withdrawn person, and the phrase “the violet hour” refers to dusk, rest, and reverie.

So, if you have agreed to arrange a confidential conversation, purple will help you. This color has beneficial effect on human (according to psychologists). Moreover, it can help you in the hectic lifestyle, insomnia and migraines. For creative people simply irreplaceable – stimulates the imagination, and helps to plunge into the world of fantasies and images. However, everything has two sides. Unfortunately, the excessive use of dark shades of purple can cause depression and feelings of loneliness. So, you should not abuse it, as in the purple interior the person will feel depressed. According to psychologists, combination of purple and yellow is a perfect blend.

Meanwhile, PURPLE enhances intuition, normalizes the lymphatic system, and helps with migraines. Besides, Purple is very useful for any internal inflammation. It is good as sciatica. It reduces skin rash, as well as heart rate. In short, helps with any problems related to the head (for example, concussion). In addition, it supports the immune system and can soothe shattered nerves. Useful for fatigue and pain in the eyes, it calms emotionally unstable people.

Purple color meaning

Amazing landscape

More than that, Purple is a very powerful color. It carries peace, combining strength and softness. This is the highest energy of humanism, kindness and love. If you are lonely, or you feel cut off from life, imagine a purple color and it will protect you.

It is a mystical and magnificent color that symbolizes the lofty aspiration, fortitude, wisdom, artistry, power, grace and inspiration. Purple can teach to accept challenges with a calm heart. It can also soothe the soul and nourish the necessary energy. Violet helps with nervousness, despair and loss of faith in himself. This color is not recommended to use in rooms that are visited by people with alcohol dependence and mental illness.

The balance at the two ends of the color spectrum (between red and blue) – purple color. Perhaps, that is why it can balance the masculine and feminine energy in the human body.

In fact, purple is not the natural color and not necessary to use it in large quantities in the interior. It is best to add accents of purple colors that create an extravagant atmosphere.

Sometimes people like to hibernate, in their sleep they dream of the flight, the flight to the heights of imagination. They are sociable people, but by and large, prefer only interesting creative dialogue on art, science and the universe. It is important to the spiritual sphere of life.

Purple color meaning

Incredible flowers

By the way, purple, as a dark color, is the closest in value to black, and some of its symbolic meaning stems from the fact that it reflects so little light. Purple’s complement, yellow, is the palest of the color wheel hues and the color that reflects the most light. Thus, the two together form something like sunlight and shadow (or perhaps, in emotional terms, joy and sadness). Purple is a color associated with deep feeling, as in “purple passion” or “purple with rage.” It is a color associated with mourning for the death of loved ones.

Interestingly, in early cultures, purple dye was extremely difficult and expensive to produce. Therefore, “royal purple” quickly came to symbolize the ruling class, dignity, and power, and purple clothing was forbidden to those of lower rank.

Purple connotes bravery, perhaps an extension of its connection with royalty, as with the “Purple Heart”— a heart-shaped purple-and-gold military medal on a purple ribbon signifying injury in battle. It is not difficult to imagine how the symbolism would change if the medal were, say, yellow instead of purple. Would any military person want a “Yellow Heart”?

Indeed, Lovers of purple are unusual people, creative, imaginative, they aspire to freedom, independence and space. And their lives – is a continuous surprise. This is not a smooth road, but a rabid mountain serpentine, not a straight line, but a crazy zigzag.
Source of images – group of purple lovers vk.com/violet.colors

Purple color meaning


Purple color meaning