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Human energy field color meaning

Aura – Human energy field color meaning

Aura – Human energy field color meaning

Throughout life, a person’s aura constantly changes, depending on which path a person chooses, and what actions he does. In addition, it depends on whether he improves or stands on the involutionary path. Meanwhile, by the color of the aura, you can determine the nature, temperament, and hobbies of a person. In fact, the meaning of the colors of the aura can help to intuitively determine your colors, and draw conclusions about what to change in yourself and what to strive for.
In particular, the red color of the aura means stable health, striving for success, vivacity, strength, selfless love and energy. This color indicates good leadership abilities, as well as good sexual potential and ambition. But also speaks of a tendency to irritability and quick temper.

Noteworthy, the dark red color indicates an unbalanced nervous system and means a quick temper. Those who have a dark red color in the aura, like to dominate others. They are strong, active and determined people. Murky color or dark shades of red, mean that a person inclined to outbursts of anger, greedy for pleasure, aggressive and quick-tempered. Such a person, quarrelsome, unreliable and cunning, he always seeks to profit at the expense of others.

The red-brown color of the aura points to cunning, lack of energy, lack of clarity of thought. Probably, kidney disease. If this color is visible near any organ, then this organ is sick.

Scarlet color inherent people too self-confident and selfish. Also, this is the color of false pride.

The purple color of a person’s aura is an indicator of love for mankind. Enthusiasm, renunciation and good aspirations, as well as justice and heroism. Pink color is a selfless love, the ability to communicate and maintain a conversation. Everything that’s done is done with love.

Orange color is the color of life force, strong will, activity, self-reliance, ability to own one’s feelings and desires. People with orange aura color are humane, they treat others with respect. However, this color often indicates possible problems with the liver.

The golden-orange color of the aura speaks of self-control, vitality and self-control.
The yellow color of the aura is an indicator of sound health and well-being. People with this aura color have a lively mind, are friendly and open. They are able to take care of themselves, are not afraid of the new, ready to learn, and never worry about trifles. They are creative people, they are attractive to the opposite sex, optimistic and kind.

Yellow with a red tinge, speaks of moral, physical and mental shyness. It is also an indicator of an inferiority complex. This person does not have his own view and belief. He is not able to deal with one thing, and rushes from one to the other without finishing what he has begun to the end.

A tan color (yellowish-brown hue) indicates that the person is lazy and carefree. He sails down the river and is not going to change anything. Such people can rarely be saved from their own stupidity.

Green in combination with shades of red is an indicator of an educated person, perhaps a doctor who loves his work. Yellow-green – this person is unreliable, do not rely on him. He is two-faced, looking for his own profit, he is ready to do the dirty on somebody.

The soft blue color of the aura speaks of cheerfulness and good health of a person. And about peace, devotion to high ideals, softness. In addition, the one who has this color in the aura, has a good taste.

Bright green color – vitality, friendliness, positive attitude, intelligence. The wearers of the green hue in their aura are naturally caring and kind-hearted. They are ready to help, able to sympathize and respect the opinions of others. These people are compassionate, sympathetic and slightly sentimental.

Emerald green color speaks about honesty and openness. And also about the multifaceted personality. Indeed, the color of the sea wave is peace. They are very reliable people. Often they choose the profession of a teacher, since they have all the necessary qualities for this work – kindness, responsibility and spirituality. Dirty-green or muddy – symbolizes cunning, betrayal or envy. It is also possible cheating, lying or jealousy.

Meanwhile, very often indecisive people have aura of pale blue color. It is difficult for them to make a decision, therefore they often rely on the opinion of other people. Nevertheless, these people are striving for perfection, they are not very gifted, but they are trying. So, they slowly but surely go in the right direction.

A dark blue shade is inherent in successful people who are ready to learn and comprehend. These people are fascinated by life’s tasks, and they find satisfaction in them.

Brightly violet color (indigo) – piety, intuition and spirituality. Highest human qualities –
the main feature of this color of aura – Morality, philosophy and religion. Also, refined imagination, combined with love. Also the desire for self-improvement and spiritual quest.

Human energy field color meaning
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Aura colors

Aura colors