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Gray Color union of opposites

Gray Color union of opposites

Gray Color union of opposites

This color is, in fact, a union of two opposite colors: white and black. On the one hand, gray color means common sense and realism, on the other hand – dullness, boredom, sadness, and depression. As you know, tastes differ, and for someone gray may seem lifeless and useless color.
Meanwhile, gray has a variety of beautiful colors that look great in the interior design. For example, pearl gray, silver, metal, lead, etc. However, gray is the color of gloom and depression. The Billie lines say: “What lies before me? A future that’s stormy, a winter that’s gray and cold.” Besides, it is also the color of indecision and uncertainty.

Noteworthy, people with gray eyes are usually wise and less aggressive than the others. They are known for their sensitivity and flexible approach to different people and situations. In addition, externally, woman with gray eyes are beautiful. Her face looks particularly attractive and gentle due to the beautiful color of eyes. Typically, a gray-eyed girl is very serious about building relationships, preferring long-term partnership based on deep love. In addition, these individuals have an analytical mind and always think clearly and rationally. People who have gray eyes, usually represent a deep inner strength that will never depend on any external pressure. They can manipulate themselves in accordance with the surrounding environment. This is a strong personality, but in some situations that do not require intellectual activity, they may become confused and feel helpless.
Gray Color union of opposites

Awesome cat

A good ingredient to any other color, gray is a perfect backdrop for bright colors, even more revealing their saturation. It can soften the bright hues, and used in modern interiors – living room, kitchen, bedroom, nursery, and office.

Fans of dark gray – people with high logicality of thinking, loving science, medicine or engineering. They are able to resolve the most complex and seemingly unsolvable problems. Dark gray – the color of purification. We see it in our dreams when recovering from serious illnesses, as well as the favorable outcome of our problems at work and in love.

Those who choose for themselves a dark gray color like order, when every thing knows its place. This also applies to material things: houses have a full order, and intangible: they are impossible to be unconsidered, spontaneous. They are all laid out on the shelves – things, thoughts, plans, relationships and life. Considered rigorous, these people, however, are asked for help in the difficult situations. Just because they are capable of thorough and unbiased analysis of others’ actions.

Gray Color union of opposites

Cat’s eye of ashy gray, very delicate color

Lovers of dark gray can achieve great heights in all fields – in the humanities, medicine, mathematics, physics, technology. Despite some boredom, they are really creative people. They should not be constrained and tense.

In the sexual sphere of life lovers of gray, oddly enough, are able to achieve full emancipation and relaxation. If they are somewhat disappointed, they quickly and painlessly cope with this feeling.

Lovers of gray colors are very intelligent, rational, and they are quick and restless. These people are characterized by transparency, which helps them find friends. But these people hardly tolerate any restrictions, even when they create them themselves. Therefore, they try to avoid hardship and not to complicate their life.

Gray Color union of opposites


Despite the mind, fans of light gray are very scattered, so it is difficult to focus on anything for long. Usually these people have a lot of interesting thoughts and ideas. They are deeply intelligent people, and always retain a sense of proportion, while remaining very sociable and communicative. At times, wrongly accused in the absence of warmth or depth, however, these people are just naturally very timid. They are very impressionable, can not tolerate the noise and the heat, their world – cool and calm, rational and measured activity.

It is the color of ash and lead, and it is associated with aging, as in “the graying of America.” It carries the connotation of lack of strong feeling and an abdication of self: the classic movie The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit portrayed the frustrating lack of autonomy in American corporate life. In nature, however, gray is a common color that provides camouflage, as in gray wolves, gray whales, and gray elephants, which may explain the otherwise puzzling popularity of noncommittal gray clothing in the business world.

Gray Color union of opposites


Meanwhile, you can meet Grey (British English), and Gray (American English) in proper names everywhere in the English-speaking world. Gray shades are – gainsboro, light-gray, silver, dark-gray, gray, dim-gray, lightslate-gray, slate-gray, and darkslate-gray.
Source: fan group of gray color lovers

Gray Color union of opposites