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Find the animal



Art Wolfe, the famous wildlife photographer, has been traveling through the mountains, forests and deserts for more than 35 years.
Like no one else he can show the beauty of the wildlife, wild animals and all the colors of our environment.
In these photos there are animals that are able to become invisible. The project is called Vanishing Act. How did the author manage to see them? Some animals are masters of camouflage. This ability is called mimicry (similarity of one species to another which protects one or both).
How many seconds or minutes do you need to find the animal?
It’s a real idyllic world of plants and animals! By the way, the author began work on his masterpiece in 1989, and showed a series of photos in 2005. Only 16 years later!
Art says that the main purpose of his work is to support and develop the idea of perfect beauty of the Earth.
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