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Algeria – Desert Land on the Sea

Algeria - Desert Land on the Sea

Algeria – Desert Land on the Sea

Algeria is the second largest country in Africa. Its area is 2,381,741 sq km. Algeria is bordered by Tunisia, Libya, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Western Sahara, and Morocco. The Mediterranean Sea lies to the north. The official name is Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria.
The Atlas Mountains separate the northern part of the country known as the Tell from the Sahara Desert. Sahara takes up about four fifths of the country. It can be very hot or quite cold, depending on the season and time of day. The name Sahara comes from the Arabic word ‘sahra’, which means “desert.” The Sahara is the world’s largest desert and covers a vast area of around 8,547,000 square kilometers.
The highest peak is Mount Tahat (2,918 meters). Chelif is the longest river (230 km).

The capital is Algiers. The city was founded more than 2,000 years ago. In the 1500s the Ottoman Turkish Empire gained control, and the French captured the city in 1830. The city became the capital of Algeria when the country gained independence from the French in 1962.
Algiers is the city-ladder, as it is situated on the hills, and there are a lot of small and large staircases. The most prominent building here is the fortress of the Casbah. There are also the old palace of the archbishop and the Winter Palace, which used to be the home of the French governor-general.
Most Algerians have Berber or Arab ancestors. The Berbers lived in North Africa before the arrival of the Arabs. Almost all Algerians are Muslim.
Algeria’s main products are petroleum and natural gas.

Notre Dame d'Afrique

Notre Dame d’Afrique

Interesting facts
– About 20,000 Algerians were killed by major earthquakes in 1790. Thousands of people were killed by earthquakes at Chlef in 1954 and 1980.
– There are no Orthodox churches in this country.
– Algerian men prefer plump women and as soon as women reach the age of marriage, they are sent to a special house to gain weight.
– Strange but true – the most delicious pizza is in Algeria not in Italy.
– There are 136 airports here.
– The most famous film about Algeria is The Battle of Algiers (1966).
– There is a natural lake, filled with ink, which can be used for writing.
– The famous designer Yves Saint Laurent was born in Algeria.
– The word “Algeria” means “island.”
– There are 7 World Heritage Sites in Algeria.
– The metro was built by Russian and Ukrainian specialists.
– The symbol of Algeria – Monument to fallen soldiers – was presented by Canada.
– Mahhumed Dib is the best known Algerian writer in the West.
– Cheb Mami and Cheb Khaled are Algerian singers. Cheb Mami recorded a duet with Sting – famous song Desert Rose. Khaled is the performer of the famous song Aicha.
– The land border between Morocco and Algeria is closed.

Algeria – Desert Land on the Sea